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• Obama could find solutions to my problems ..

☼ – For start i did not vote for Obama because he is black but he has got, obviously more experience . And its program allows at more American of accept better jobs without losing their insurance who comes from their former work .

☼ – He gives the permission to do abort .

☼ – He is for the immigration, he believes that the economy benefits of immigrants work, they create jobs and pay their taxes whereas Romney wants control the borders rather wish them  » WELCOME !  » .

☼ -Gay marriage, who was as expected. Obama is in a position who consist to put a stop to legal discrimination that favor marriage heterosexual  on marriage homosexual . It’s a proposal who me touches me greatly !

☼ – I’m a fan’s Nicky Minaj ! Who declares that it would vote for Barack Obama, despite the song ‘ Mercy ‘, whereshe sings  » I am a republican voting for Romney / You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy  » . But it was humor, she played a character . Nicky Minaj was strongly affected by the interest that has brought the American President . On twitter, she writes  » Thank you for understanding my creative humor and my sarcasm Monsier President  » .

☼ – Obama is also a democrat, who cares about the middle class and poors . They understand what we live, not like Ramsay !


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