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☼ – Today, despite our time, the descrimination is always present for example the other day, to news, in Floride, they mentioned two people missing the same day . A white student and a black student . During the days thats followed, they we were kept informe, research for to find the white student . Nevermore, we had of new black . This is how, arises the question racial today in the United States .


☼ – Voting is important in my family . My parents are middle class and they always repeated  » every vote counts  » . Them, vote always democrats .  The difference between democrat and republican is that democrats are for poor and the middle class whereas republicans, them, favor richest .


☼ – Effectively i am homosexual and with my girlfriend, we would like to marry .. And with Romney, it’s impossible . He changes his view everyday . He said all and anything, for win ..

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